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Creating An Expanded Version of Word Corrupt Document Checker

Aug 31, 2016 at 9:55 PM
Edited Aug 31, 2016 at 11:31 PM
Hi. I want to start with saying Word Corrupt Document Checker is a great program. I've created a similar program that is not as good for fixing tag order issues (see:

I'm creating an expanded version of Word Corrupt Document Checker, that includes other methods of recovering from Word document corruption following the methods described in my blog post here:

The source code is here:!AtqwKV_OsClkg7V_YghQBNPBv4352A. The project is in Alpha stage with about ⅔+ of the menu choices working. I temporarily short circuited the logging which Word Corrupt Document Checker was doing and unfortunately I don't remember why I did it.

The program features an automatic quick recovery mode which uses the code from Word Corrupt Document Checker for reordering tags, along with some additional tricks. When the path is loaded, the program also tries to automatically find shadow copies like one of my other programs does: In addition, the program has menu choices for initiating conventional repair advice Microsoft sometimes recommends like the advice here: The software also includes links to all the Word Recovery and Corrupt Repair programs I could find.

I could use some help getting the automatic document repair feature working as well as some of the "conventional" advice menu features. The program is coded in C# like the Word Document Checker original.

Here are some screenshots: